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Member Spotlight

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Pittsburgh Training & Fitness Center is pleased to announce

our sponsorship of Jason Roberts.

Congratulations to Jason Roberts for is 1st Place Finish in the Men’s Classic Physique on Saturday April 27, 2024, at the “Best of the Burgh” Championship. Jason was one of 21 competitors competing in the Men’s Classic Physique, which Jason won. By winning the Open Class, Jason was also able to compete in the Overall, where he placed in the top 3!

Please follow Jason's journey on our website or on Jason's YouTube channel.

Jason Roberts currently competes in the OCB under the classic physique division. He's competed in several competitions, placing 5th, 3rd, 3rd, and 1st. He was runner-up last year in a pro-qualifier and hopes to earn his pro card soon. He uses his bachelor's degree in Exercise Science as well as his experience in powerlifting and marathon racing to build his programs. He currently trains here at Pittsburgh Training and Fitness Center, using specialized and unique equipment to target and isolate specific muscle groups. He's been lifting weights since a very young age but only started training for bodybuilding competitions in the past couple of years. If he would offer one piece of encouragement from his experience, it would be to trust the bulk and not be afraid to gain a little weight if your goal is to add muscle.

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