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The professional staff of Pittsburgh Training & Fitness understands the desire for complete well-being; both physically and mentally. We have certified, licensed, and trained professionals to provide individualized attention to each member to ensure each member meets their specific fitness goals. 



Certified trainers are available to create individualized exercise programs to meet varying fitness objectives. A licensed dietitian is also available to help individuals understand how diet fits into their overall well-being objectives and to help them build the right diet to meet their well-being goals.


Cardiovascular training provides an excellent foundation when it comes to exercise, offering benefits in weight control and endurance.  Cardiovascular exercise simply means that you're involved in an activity that raises your heart rate to a level where you're working, but can still talk (aka, in your Target Heart Rate Zone).



Your muscles require regular exercise to function well.  The trainers at Pittsburgh Training & Fitness can help you design a workout routine based on your personal goals that will help to improve your strength and build strong muscles.



We are proud to offer state-of-the-art Star Trac and Cybex® strength training equipment to our members.  You will find cable motion equipment, plate-loaded machines, and free weights.  While strength training with resistance is known to build muscle, it is also beneficial for improving range of motion, flexibility, posture, and tendon strength.

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